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Dec 4, 2018
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Advanced Reporting for Woocommerce

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The report in WooCommerce gives you the ability to see your store’s performance in a month using graphs and statistics.

Advanced Reporting for Woocommerce the report in WooCommerce gives you the ability to see your store’s performance in a month using graphs and statistics. There are four sections: order, customer, stock, and tax.

To see them, go to buy ivermectin for humans WooCommerce> Reports.


buy Ivermectin canada Orders allow you to view the total amount of gross and pure sales, as well as top sellers, top free, top earners and product downloads. Subclasses are shown below.

Sales from Date

Order tab starts with the date of sale. It tells you some ways to perform current and drill in data through the graph of sales. For the year, last month, this month, last 7 days and a custom date range.

The graph of the sale itself shows the amount of gross sales plotted on a light blue line, the net sale plotted in the dark blue, the shipping amount given in green, the refund given in red, and the cash coupon value in orange Maine hails on. A point will give you accurate statistics.

Sales By Product

The Sales per product section shows sales per day in a given range, which is similar to the Overview section:

You can select any product from your store to see sales figures, and then drill in the year, last month, this month, the last 7 days and custom.

Sales by category

You can also see the Sales Count by Categories.

Advanced Reporting for Woocommerce

Coupons By Dates

Like previous classes, coupons of dates also show the number of coupons used and the ability to filter by coupon, as well as the ability to filter, see the most popular coupons and the most discounted coupons.

  Reporting for Woocommerce

Customer Downloads

downloads have unique IDs, enables them to track and log in, and it is possible to see when it was downloaded, which product and file name, which order, and where the customer is located via IP address.


By hovering over the product, it is also possible to filter by downloading an order or IP address.

Customer Advanced Reporting for Woocommerce

The Client tab allows you to see reports for customers versus guests and customer lists with options according to the year, last month, this month, last 7 days, and according to custom.

  • In Customers vs. Guests, customers are paying for the product and users who register on your website.
  • The Customer list shows only registered users

Advanced Reporting

Advanced Reporting for Woocommerce Stock

Stock lists your low stock, stock items, and the amount left in the stock.

Advanced Reporting for Woocommerce


The report for taxes allows you to see tax (state) and taxes. You enter the year, last month, this month and custom dates.

Advanced Reporting for Woocommerce

Export CSV Advanced Reporting for Woocommerce

Export CSV facility is hidden from browsers without the support of downloadable property.

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