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Jul 1, 2020
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How to Add Age Verification Restrictions in WordPress site

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Recently a user asked how to add Age Verification in WordPress site. If you too want to add adult age verification to your site and are looking for an article for this, then you are on the right post.

In this tutorial, I will explain how to easily add Age verify to any WordPress site.

So let’s start…

Why it is important to add Age verify Restrictions to the site

There are several reasons why you can add Age Verification to your WordPress Site, such as,

  • Your article contains adult content or something that is not right for children.
  • You sell or promote alcohol which is not correct for the youth.
  • Your content is on violence.
  • You are providing a service like a valid credit card or driver’s license.
  • and many more.

If any of these reasons exist on your site, then you should add the Age verification system to your site so that when the visitor wants to access your content, they will need to age verify.

How to Add Age verify Restrictions on WordPress site

First of all, you need to install and activate the Age Gate plugin on your site. This is the best WordPress Age verify Plugin that allows you to set restrictions based on age on your WordPress site.

Ma'rib Features

  • Tells users to perform Age verify when the page is loaded.
  • You can choose Age to verify for the entire site or specific content.
  • Allows setting the “Remember me” checkbox.
  • Add your own logo
  • You can customize background color/image, foreground color, and text color
  • You can set Required age.

After the plugin is activated, it will add a new menu item to your WordPress dashboard with Age Gate. Just click on it. now you can see the settings page of the plugin.

On this page, you can set minimum age verification as per your requirement. After this, you can set age verify restriction on the whole website or only on a specific page.

Through its “Varied ages” option, you can set different age restrictions for different posts and pages on your website.

The plugin adds three options to add Age verify,

  • Input fields
  • Dropdown boxes
  • Yes / No buttons

You can choose the age restriction form according to your needs. According to me, Yes / No buttons are the best.

The plugin adds a Remember me check-box to your Age verification page. So that the user does not need to verify age again and again when they visit your site.

Also, you can set the length of Remember me and choose a date format.

After configuring all the settings, click the Save changes button. Now go to your site to check age verification.

Customize Message for Age Verification

First, click on the Messaging tab. Here you can add your own title, description, and other information that you want to display on the age verification page.

Customizing Appearance Settings for Age Verification

Click on the Appearance tab. Here you can change the background color, foreground color, background image, text color, etc. You can see in the screenshot below,

You can configure Gutenberg support and other advanced settings by going to the Advanced tab.

How to Set Age Verification Restriction for Specific Posts or website Page

If you want to set Age to verify for Specific Posts or Page, first you need to go to the “Age Gate Restriction Settings” page and check the “Varied Ages” checkbox.

Age Verification
After this, just click on the edit button of the post or page. Now You can see a Restricted option within the Publish meta box. Age restriction by clicking on the Change button.

Age Verification
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