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Jun 22, 2020
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All in One SEO Pack Plugin Settings

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It is a very popular and highly-rated WordPress SEO plugin with All in One SEO Pack 2+ million active installations. This improves your WordPress SEO and Search visibility.

If you are looking for an SEO plugin for your WordPress site, you can use All in One SEO pack plugin.

In this tutorial, I am going to share the Best Settings of All in One SEO Pack Plugin.

Note: I would recommend you use the Yoast SEO plugin. All in One SEO Pack comes with very limited features, while you can get all these features for free with Yoast SEO. Apart from this, you can get even more advanced features with the premium version of Yoast SEO.

All in One SEO Pack Plugin Settings

First of all, install and activate the All In One search engine optimization plugin on your site.

It offers very limited features on the free version while the premium version provides video sitemaps, eCommerce search engine optimization, 1-year professional support, and many other additional features.

So let’s start All in One search engine optimization Pack Plugin settings…

After activating the plugin, click All in one SEO >> General settings. Here you will see a lot of settings that can scare you. But don’t worry, you can easily configure the settings of All in Onesearch engine optimization Pack Plugin by following this tutorial.

1. General Settings (All in One SEO)

Here you first need to set up the canonical URL. Canonical URLs eliminate duplicate content issues on your site and prevent Google penalties.

2. Home Page Settings

In this section, you will need to add a title and meta description for the homepage of your site. Type your meta description in 160 characters. Also, use keywords in your meta description to get better results.

3. Title Settings (All in One SEO)

Remove% blog_title% from your Post title. As you can see in the screenshot.

4. Content-Type Settings (All in One SEO)

This section allows you to choose which content types you want SEO to enable. I would suggest you just check the box of Posts and Pages.

5. Display Settings

6. Webmaster Verification

This section allows you to verify your site in Google Webmaster tool, Bing webmaster tool, and Pinterest.

7. Google Settings

You can add Google Analytics ID here to track your blog.

8. Noindex Settings

This is the most important settings for your blog. If you make a slight mistake here, it can severely affect the search visibility of your website.

Here you need to set Noindex for your archive pages as these pages cause duplicate content problems in the search engine. Google will do not consider it a quality page. These act as user-navigation on your site, but they have no value in search engines.

All in One SEO

9. Advanced Settings

Under Advanced settings, uncheck the Auto-generate descriptions option and write the Meta description yourself.

All in One SEO

10. Keyword Settings

So many SEO experts believe that the meta keyword tag is useless and some believe that they still work perfectly.

However, this option is disabled by default in the All in One SEO Pack Plugin. If you want to use the keyword, you can enable it from here.

All in One SEO
congratulation! You have successfully configured the settings of the All in One SEO pack plugin on your site.

How to Optimize Post Titles and Meta Description using All in One SEO Pack

In the post editor, scroll to the page and go to the All in One SEO pack section. Here you will see some options like Titles, Description, Keyword, NOINDEX, and NOFOLLOW.

1. Title

When you write a post, through this title you can decide how you want your post to appear to search engines and readers. Also, you can make your post title search-friendly. The default title, which the reader will see, and when you enter the title in the title option of All in one search engine optimization, it will be used for the search engine.

2. Meta Description

A meta description is a short description of your post. This helps increase the CTR on your post. Always write a meaningful and good meta description and don’t forget to put your target keyword in it. This plugin supports 160 characters.

3. Keywords

You can leave this section empty. You can see the screenshot below,

All in One SEO
final thoughts
Then I recommend you, use Yoast SEO on your site. With this, you get a solid toolset which helps in getting a better rank in search engine.

However, All in One search engine optimization Pack is the best alternative to Yoast search engine optimization. Here I have shared the best settings of All in One search engine optimization Pack plugin which helps in improving your WordPress search engine optimization.

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