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Jun 6, 2020
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How to block bad bots for website security?

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You will be surprised to know that humans visit our robots more than visitors on our website and blogs. These bots are both buy cheap accutane uk good and bad. Jaú Bad bots affect the SEO of your site. Today in this article, we will talk about how BB has an effect on website SEO and how they purchase isotretinoin online can be blocked.

These are so dangerous that because of them the search ranking of your website also decreases. Not only this, there are many types of websites that affect you.

We all know that Google and all other search engines use bots to crawl our website. Similarly, hackers also use bots for site infrastructure.

Let us understand about it in a little detail,

What is Bad Bots?

An Internet bot is a software application that performs automated tasks on the Internet. These also call online bots, web robots, robots, and simply bot.

In general, bots perform simple and repetitive tasks that are difficult and time-consuming or impossible for humans. For example, crawling web sites.

Each search engine uses bots to collect data to develop its search index. But at the same time, hackers also use bots for malicious.

That is why they are mainly divided into two parts,

  • Good or SEO bots
  • Bad or Malicious Bots

SEO bots or good bots are those that help websites to enter the search engine and are beneficial in creating the necessary visibility of sites on the Internet.

Group of programs designed primarily to launch automatic attacks by hackers or competitors. BB steal your unique content and information, as well as promote spam.

How does the Bad Bots website affect SEO?

There are many ways that bots negatively impact your website SEO. Some of which are.

1. Web Scraping

Scraper bots are specifically programmed to steal content and then duplicate it on other websites.

These bots create the problem of duplicate content by stealing the content of your website, due to which the ranking of your website pages in the search engine is poor.

2. Form Spamming

Form spam bots are created to submit forms to a website with fake leads on a website.

These bots practice making thousands of low-quality backlinks for the website, due to which your website can also be blacklisted by Google.

3. Price Scraping

Price scrape bots try to do your business by reducing customer visits and conversions on your website.

These bots are created for price scraping and stealing pricing data from the website. These are to maintain pricing to your competitor.

4. Skewed Analytics

These bots are created to affect main website analytics. This creates a problem for the IT, Marketing, Analysis team.

Mostly these votes affect the big business websites, whose analytics report is spoiled and they drop their business from the wrong matrix.

5. Automated Attacks

These bot’s are made to perform various types of auto-attacks. These websites a serious web security risk for brands.

Because of them, the search traffic of blogs falls and the website has problems like account takeover, credential stuffing, and inventory exhaustion.

How to find Bad Bots?

To identify BB you have to use a hosting like Cloudways, which has provided monitoring service.

Additionally, you also use CDN services like Cloudflare, these user agents, countries, paths, etc. Shows other reports.

You will get to know the robots in its User-Agent section, you can block them by finding BB from them.

Or if you search for “BB list” in Google, you will get a list of popular. But the analysis method is better for which bot’s are attacking on our site.

How to Block Bad Bots?

Affect website and you have to block to avoid their attacks.

In general, we use robots.txt for this. But there are many other ways to block them, which I am going to explain in detail here.

1. Block BB via origin server

Block BB through your web server. Here let me tell you the tactic of both Apache .htaccess and Nginx web server.

Block BB via .htaccess:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} ^.*(agent1|Cheesebot|Catall Spider).*$ [NC]
RewriteRule .* - [F,L]

Or you can also use the Browser Match Case directive like this,

BrowserMatchNoCase "agent1" bots
BrowserMatchNoCase "Cheesebot" bots
BrowserMatchNoCase "Catall Spider" bots

Order Allow,Deny
Allow from ALL
Deny from env=bots

Block BB via Nginx:

if ($http_user_agent ~ (agent1|Cheesebot|Catall Spider) ) {
return 403;

2. Block BB via robots.txt

This is the easiest and easiest way to block BB. Most people use this method. For this, you have to use user-agent.

User-agent: bots name
Disallow: /

For example, if you want to block semrush bot, then you will use code like this.

User-agent: semrushbot
Disallow: /

Similarly, you can block other BB through robots.txt.

3. Block BB via CDN

If you use a content delivery network like Cloudflare, KeyCDN, then you can also block BB through them.

For this on Cloudflare, you have to use the firewall rule in the following.

Go to Cloudflare Firewall >> Firewall Rules and click on Create a Firewall rule button and create rules in the following way.

  • Field: User-Agent
  • Operator: contains
  • Value: bots name

After this, select the block in action and save the setting. For example, if you want to block SemrushBot, then you will add SemrushBot instead of bots name.

If you want, you can use the following expression code.

(http.user_agent contains "SemrushBot")

I will explain more about this in the coming times.


Finally, In this way, you can block BB and protect your website’s SEO ranking from being affected by bot’s.

Hope you have like some information, if you want to know more about it, then you can ask in the comment section below, all possible help will be given to you.

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