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May 31, 2020
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What is Bad Backlinks? How to remove in your Blog

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buy modafinil perth Check Bad Backlink friends, as we know Link Building is very important for any blog but bad cheap mexican pharmacy neurontin link building is equally bad. Link Building buy brand accutane (Bad Backlinks) downplays the authority of our site in front of the Search Engine. Which makes our ranking down. So guys, today we are going to talk about that Bad Backlinks and how to do them with your website.

Friends, nowadays every webmaster wants to rank his website or blog at number one in Google for which he does SEO of his site, inserts good content, and also creates backlinks.

But there are many users who knowingly or unknowingly make some Bad Backlinks or else they have made Bad Backlinks on their site. Those whom he does not know, due to which his site continues to be ranked.

What Are Bad Backlinks?

Bad BackLinks are called links that are harmful to our website. The search ranking of the site gets down because of these dangerous links. These links are made up of sites that do not have any connection with your website.

And if bad links are not removed from the site blog till more time, then your site may get deleted from Google search engine and visitors to your site will decrease. Bad Backlinks are also called unnatural Backlinks.

Types of bad backlinks sites

There are many types of bad backlinks, some of which I am talking about here.

  • Links From the 404 error page
  • Links From Adult Websites
  • And low-quality sites
  • Link Exchange (In Some Cases)
  • Links From Automated tools

Check Bad Backlink Disadvantage

The biggest disadvantage of Broken links is that the search rank of our site decreases and slowly the site URLs drop from the search results.

1. Search Engine Ranking(Check Bad Backlink)

Bad backlinks reduce the authority of your site as we have talked before. Because of which your search engine ranking starts falling.

Friends, I have also seen many such services, which make thousands of bad links on your competitor’s website for just $ 10.

2. Unrelated Traffic

Traffic coming from these backlinks is very harmful. Because these links bring unrelated traffic to your website. Which spoils the Dwell time of your website. Which leads to your ranking.

3. Google Penalty

Google can also give Penalty to your side if there are more bad backlinks. It is also possible that your website can be blacklisted from Google Search.

How To Check Bad Backlink

Finding Bad Backlinks is very easy. Information about how to find these links is given below. How to find Broken links?

Step 1:

  1. Open your Google Webmaster account.
  2. Select the option with Search Traffic.
  3. Click on Links to Your Site.
  4. Now you will have a list of links to all the sites that add your site, click on More for all the links.


Step 2: Download And Check Backlinks from Search Console

  1. Now click on Download this table.
  2. Now you will get the list of Linked, it has to be open in NotePad.
  3. You can see all backlinks in the table file, apart from this you can also download sample links and latest links.

 check bad backlink

Friends, now you have got a list of bad backlinks in which all the sites linking to your site have links but now we have to filter out the bad backlinks, after that we will learn to remove these links.

To separate bad backlinks from the backlinks list, tomorrow you can use Ahrefs, Semrush link audit tool or you can manually find out by reviewing all links.

How To Remove Bad Backlinks

Now we need to know how to remove these bad backlinks from your site so that the search rank of our site remains and traffic does not go down.

There are 2 ways to remove bad backlinks, one is to contact the backlink site owner and remove the link and the other will disavow the bad backlinks so that google does not count them in your site ranking and they have a bad effect on the search rank of your site. Do not fall.

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1. Contact Website Owner

Now you have to open each website from the list. Now you have to email all those website owners. In the email, you have to request that, remove the link of your website from your site.

After sending the email, wait for a few days, remove the links that have been removed from your list. Now you have to use Google Disavow Tool on the remaining links.

Note: You can also use only Google Disavow tool, but you can not avoid the traffic coming from those websites.

2. Use Google Disavow Tool

Prepare a text file by creating a list of bad backlinks, the same has to be submitted in disavow tools. How to remove bad backlinks from the disavow tool?

Step 1:

  1. First of all, you have to visit Google Disavow Link Tool.
  2. Right now you have to select your website whose backlinks you want to do. Then you have to click on the button of disavow links.

 check bad backlink

Step 2:

  1. Then you have to choose the text file. In which you have created a list of bad backlinks.
  2. After this, you have to click on the submit button.
  3. Finally, click on the Done button.

 check bad backlink

Finally, now you have successfully disavow the bad backlinks of your site, now these useless links will not have any effect on the search rank of your site.

Note: – If you disavow a high-quality link then you will not have any benefit for it.

At last ( Check Bad Backlink)

At Last, I would like to say that Bad Backlinks is a sweet poison for your website, which sounds good to count but it has a very bad effect on your site.

Because of this, the rank of a high ranking site gets down and its traffic comes from millions to thousands. Also It has such a big disadvantage that it can tell the blogger with whom these problems are done.


You Can Create Your Backlink Now

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Thanks For Reading.

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