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Jun 7, 2020
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How to Create Child Theme in WordPress

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Are you looking for a post to where can i buy accutane create a child theme in your WordPress site?

Narutō Child theme modifies/customize your WordPress theme without editing your Main theme file. Apart from this, when you update your Parent(Main) theme, Changes made in Child theme do not change.

Today in this post I will show you http:/ how to create a child theme in WordPress using a plugin.

What is child theme

A child theme is a theme that uses the features and functionality of your parent(Main) theme/original theme. And when you change anything in your child theme, it does not affect your parent(Main) theme / original theme. But if you make any changes in the parent(Main) theme / original theme then those changes will be reflected in your child theme.

Why you should use Child Theme

If you make any changes to your Parent(Main) theme, then using WordPress child themes is the safest and recommended way. You can customize it without affecting the parent(Main) theme.

This allows the parent(Main) theme to be updated without losing your changes. That is, when you update your parent(Main) theme, your customization will not be deleted.

How to Create a Child Theme in WordPress

Now I will use the plugin to create a Child Theme in WordPress. If you are a beginner and do not know coding, you can easily create a child theme for your WordPress website by following this article.

There are a lot of Child Theme plugins available in Here I will use the Child Theme Configurator plugin.

So let’s start…

First of all, install the Child Theme Configurator plugin on your site. After activating the plugin, you can click on the Tools >> Child Themes. This will take you to the settings page of the plugin.

Select the “CREATE a new Child Theme” option. After that, select the parent(Main) theme that you want to make a child theme with “Select a Parent(Main) Theme”. You can see in the screenshot below,

Child Theme

After this click on the Analyze button. The plugin will now check if it can create a child theme for the WordPress theme you choose.

Then If it can create a child theme for the theme you have selected, it will give you a notification – “This theme appears OK to use as a Child theme” as you can see in the screenshot,

Child theme

Its default option works perfectly for most websites. So leave all the options in their default settings.

After that click on Create New Child Theme button.

child Theme wordpress

Now it will give you a message – Child Theme Human Child (name of your theme) has been generated successfully.

Child Theme created successfully
congratulation! You have created the Child Theme of your website.


Now you can activate this new child theme by going to Appearance >> Theme page.

I hope this post helped you to create a WordPress Child theme. Small request, if this article has proved helpful for you, then don’t forget to share it!

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