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Nov 27, 2018
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How to delete wordpress user

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We will learn how to remove users in WordPress. The following steps are taken to remove a user.

We will learn how to remove the WordPress user.

First, you need to login on the admin panel, if you don’t know how to login in WordPress admin panel you can follow me it’s very simple for example I want to login on my admin panel I need to follow this URL after entering this URL we can see the login screen then we can enter the USER name and password then we can follow the next step how to delete WordPress user.

The following steps are taken to remove a user.

Step (1) − First you need to click on the Users then after you can click All Users.

Step (2) −Now you can see the all the user account list on your screen for example check the screenshot I have added here.I have a 2 user account.

Step (3) − If you hover the mouse cursor on the username. Then you can see the Edit or Delete Option. If you hit the edit button. Then you can able to change the username and password or other personal details. Now you need to click on the delete button.

Step (4) − When you click on delete, you get the following page in WordPress.

wordpress user

Step (5) − Select the options as required and click Confirm Delete. Your WordPress user will be deleted.

We have another way to delete WordPress user

The screen shown in the following Step appears.

  • Here you can choose to delete users, check the box as you can see on the screenshot, and then click the drop-down list from the drop-down and there is some option you can click Apply.
  • As soon as you click Apply, the selected WordPress user will be deleted.

wordpress user

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