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Dec 3, 2018
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Free Shipping in WooCommerce

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Free shipping is a great way to motivate customers to spend more. For example, offer free shipping on orders over $ 300.

Free Shipping in woocommerce is a great way to motivate customers to spend more. For example, offer free shipping on orders over $ 300.

Setup and Configuration

To offer a free shipping method, it should be added to the shipping zone and you can add it to as many shipping zones as you want. Such as:

    1. Visit: WooCommerce and Settings & Shipping.

Click Select shipping zone, and add shipping method to Icon. A modal window will appear.


  1. Click the dropdown Free shipping and add shipping method.

Free Shipping in woocommerce

  1. Click Free Shipping in the row you want to define.

Free Shipping in woocommerce

This takes you to a different screen to configure the free shipping method for that specific shipping zone in WooCommerce.

Free Shipping in woocommerce

  1. Enter the headline displayed to customers in checkout.
  2. Select Free Shipping in the dropdown…
  • N/A – is not available, free shipping is an option for all customers
  • A valid free shipping coupon – A coupon created that enables free shipping in WooCommerce
  • Minimum order amount – Set amount in minimum order amount field; If you select this option, the field will appear
  • A minimum order amount or a coupon
  • A minimum order amount and a coupon
  1. Enter the Minimum Order Amount (if applicable).
  2. Save Changes.

Create free Shipping Coupons

  1. Create a coupon
  • Visit WooCommerce > Coupons
  • Select Add Coupons.
  • Allow the Tick free shipping checkbox.
  • Publish.

More information on: ( coupon management ).

  1. Enable free shipping for coupons.
  • Go to Free shipping options set by you.
  • A valid free shipping coupon from the Select option dropdown (above # 7).
  • Save Changes.

Customers can now use coupons to get free shipping.

Coupon vs. Min Amount Handling

If you have coupons for free shipping and the minimum amount is set, then take coupon priority. Minimum amount is ignored if the customer has a coupon. If, however, the user does not have a coupon, then the minimum amount will be checked.

Advanced Options

Note: We are unable to provide support for optimization under our support policy. If you are unfamiliar with code/templates and are solving potential conflicts, then contact a WooExpert at any time.

Enable or disable free shipping through hooks

There is an is_available function in the free shipping method, which can be seen as follows:

 return apply_filters ('woocommerce_shipping_'; $ this-> ID. '_is_available', $ is_available)

This means that you can use add_filter () on woocommerce_shipping_free_shipping_is_available and return right or wrong.

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