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May 21, 2020
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Guest Post Guidelines

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Want to Get Published on the Check Website Demo Blog?

We love to showcase content by guest post authors, but, remember…
it’s a two-way street.
The Goma Check Website Demo blog is a popular hub for technical marketing and performance marketers, and we want to keep it that way.

Are you a online pharmacy Misoprostol no prescription published writer in the field of technical marketing?
Then you are exactly who we are looking for!

We only accept content by real writers who are experts in the field, and who have a track record of quality published articles.

Guest Post Got professional insights in any of these topics?

If yes, we would love to hear from you:

1. All Coding Languages Skills

2. Website development

3. Graphic design and development

4. Content development

5. CMS Experience

6. CRM Skills

7. Mobile Marketing

8. Lead Nurturing

9. Email Marketing

10. Social Media Marketing

11. Productivity Tools

12. SEO Tools

13. Image and Design Tools

14. Video Production

15. Paid Social Media Advertising

16. UX Design

17. Data Science

18. Marketing operations

Ready to start writing?

Follow these guidelines:

1. Only original, unpublished work
Please don’t submit articles already published on your blog or elsewhere. We do check – and if it’s not original, it’s not accepted.

2. Be relevant and insightful
We won’t publish ‘same-old’ content. Take a look at past posts on the Check Website Demo blog and see how you can contribute something fresh and different.

3. Fluent, readable and error-free
Content must be written in high-level, error-free, and fluent English. Give your article proper structure with eye-catching headings and subheadings.

4. Don’t get all ‘commercial’ on us
Please don’t include promotional content or links to your product or service. Content should be useful and compelling to the reader – not self-serving.

5. Give facts, examples and practical tips
As the philosopher Terence said, “There are as many opinions as there are people”. Focus your article on real-world trends and tips. Back up your claims with source links.

For example, here are some guest posts we’ve published in the past that we’d love to see more of:

How to Create a Sitemap in WordPress

10 Tips to Keep WordPress Theme and Plugin Code Secure

If you’re interested in contributing to the Check Website blog, please adhere to the guidelines and complete the form in the link below.
If your article is suitable, our editorial team will be in touch with you directly.

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