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Nov 27, 2018
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How to add user in WordPress

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We will study how to add users to your WordPress for blog or website. When users register on your WordPress

How to add user in WordPress  When users register on your WordPress blog or website, you receive an email notification, so you always know when new users register, and then you can enter your dashboard and the role of users can edit.

Following are the simple steps for adding users to WordPress.

Step (1) − Click on users → Add new to WordPress.

Step (2) − You can fill user details on the Add new user page. To proceed, fill in all required fields (as seen in the following screenshot).

  • Username (required) − Enter the unique username you want to display on the website.
  • E-mail (required) − Enter the e-mail address. The user receives notifications from the website at this e-mail.
  • First Name − Enter the user’s first name.
  • Last Name − Enter the user’s last name.
  • Website − Enter the user website URL.
  • Password (required) − Enter password.
  • Repeat Password (required) − Repeat the same password as the previous password for authentication in password filed.
  • Send Password − Send password to the new user by e-mail checkbox The user will receive an e-mail with the new password.
  • Role − A special role from the drop-down, that is, the subscriber, the contributor, the writer, the editor, or the administrator.

Click the Add New User button to add the user to your user list.

Step (3) − You can see the user list to see if users have been added or not. A new user will be created as seen in the following screens.

How to decide user role in WordPress?

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