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Jan 23, 2019
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How to Create a Sitemap in WordPress

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How to Blankenburg Create a Sitemap in WordPress? buy prednisone mexico Search engines crawl the internet to search and index websites pages. Over the years, search engines have become sophisticated and crawl efficient, but they still hope to guide the website by presenting an where can i buy Neurontin index of all web pages.

When a search engine crawler visits a website, then he/she checks for a sitemap to find out all the web pages on the site. because By using WordPress sitemap, crawlers can index web pages efficiently and this is the primary reason that sitemaps form the basis of any website’s search engine optimization (SEO).

1.The importance of sitemaps

The sitemap is a smart technology to quickly index the website. Rather than crawling all links one by one, search engine bots simply go through the URLs listed in the sitemap and index them. During the process, search engine bots raise the necessary information about web pages such as the last updated timestamp and the importance of the page.

The sitemap has no direct impact on your site’s SERP ranking. However, they are necessary to index your site so that they can be included in search engine results. In fact, achieving SERP rankings on their own without the backlinks support for new websites can be a challenge.

Another important aspect of implementing Sitemaps is to keep the search engine updated with the structure of your website. because If you update your website or add a new page, these changes will only be reflected in the SERP if you have included changes to the Sitemap. Even then, the change can only be seen after the next visit of the search engine bot.

Finally Now go ahead and see how it can be made with WordPress.

2. What is an XML Sitemap?

For example traditionally, websites had an HTML sitemap. because these sitemaps use to quickly locate web pages published by visitors. Nowadays, websites use an XML sitemap that makes searching engines easier to use than HTML sitemaps.

As a result in simple words, XML Sitemaps is a list of URLs that you want to know and index for search engine SERP visibility and index.

  • XML Sitemap

The way data is presented, the data inside the XML Sitemap is useless for humans. In the XML Sitemap, URLs are listed within those tags that define the type of information contained within. after all This representation of data is useful for search engine bots (like GoogleBot) because the tag structure allows them to easily crawl and index URLs.

3.HTML Sitemap

The HTML sitemap represents the visual representation of all the web pages of the website. because this is useful for visitors who want to quickly go to a page. It may take an overkill to implement an HTML sitemap because the current website search functionality has improved greatly. However, experts recommend that WordPress websites should have XML and HTML sitemaps for the following reasons.

  1. Both the XML and HTML Sitemaps help search engines to crawl your website.
  2. HTML Sitemap provides visual help to users looking for a specific page on the website.
  3. The XML Sitemap require to submit a website to Google.

However, both XML and HTML sitemaps are important for WordPress websites, if you are limited to only one type, go to the HTML Sitemap because it caters to all the purposes.

4. How to create an XML sitemap in WordPress?

Creating an XML Sitemap for your WordPress website is a simple process. You can choose any of the following methods:

  • Create a Sitemap through a plugin

The easiest way to create a WordPress sitemap will be a plugin.

In this method, the plugin does all the work and you get an updated XML file that you can deploy to the site.

In this tutorial, I will use three plugins to create XML Sitemaps for WordPress websites.

1. Yoast SEO

Go to WordPress Dashboard Plugins Add New and for Yoast. Then install and activate the plugin.

Click Yoast SEO from the side menu. Inside the dashboard, click on the Features tab where you will see that the XML Sitemap option is enabled by default.

Click on the Question Mark Tooltip icon to view your WordPress Sitemap. You have successfully enabled XML Sitemap on your site. This plugin will continue to update the XML sitemap.

2. All in one SEO pack

In All One SEO Pack is another popular SEO plugin which is used by many WordPress sites. Let’s see how to create a WordPress sitemap using the above plugin.

From your WordPress Admin Dashboard, go to Plugins → Add to New and search all in one SEO pack, then install and activate the plugin.

Navigate All In One SEO → Feature Manager and Activate to the Free XML Sitemap Add-on.

Once activated, the XML Sitemap option will appear in the All One SEO tab. The plugin will also create WordPress sitemap

Some additional settings can be configured by going inside the XML sitemap settings page.

3. XML Sitemap & Google News Feeds

XML Sitemap and Google News Feed Is also used to create a sitemap for WordPress sites. Let’s look at how to configure this plugin to create XML Sitemaps.

Finally Now go to the Plugins section and click Add a new plugin. Search for XML Sitemaps & Activate this after the Google News Feeds plugin and Active.

how to create sitemap

Now go to Settings and click on the XML Sitemap option.

create sitemap wp

From settings, you can configure post priority, XML sitemap content, and set frequencies to crawl your web pages by a search engine.

So far you have seen how to create an XML sitemap using three WordPress plugins. However, sometimes you do not have the option to use the plugin. In such cases, you can opt for other tools to generate the website’s XML Sitemap online.

5.Create a Sitemap using the WordPress Sitemap Generator tool

The WordPress Sitemap Generator Tool can be used to generate XML Sitemaps.

Visit the XML Sitemap Generator and go to Online XML Navigate Sitemap Generator.

create sitemap WordPress

On the next page, enter all required information and such as website URL, frequency, email address etc. and click Generate Sitemap.

create sitemap

is that all! Your brand new WordPress sitemap is generated which can be downloaded for further use.

create sitemap

Download the sitemap file and upload it to your WordPress website and link it to Google Search Console.

6. How to create an HTML sitemap in WordPress?

After creating XML Sitemaps, let’s see how to create an HTML Sitemap for WordPress websites. To do this, install and activate WPememap Page Plugin on your WordPress site.

create sitemap

Navigate to Settings and click on WP Sitemap Page.


From the settings page, you can configure how to display posts, display pages, and password-protected content. Simple HTML sitemap can display by placing a shortcode in the desired page.

sitemap xml

7. How to submit a sitemap to Google?

Creating a Sitemap for your WordPress site is just a part of the job. In order to complete the work and maximize the benefits, you must also submit it to Google. If you have already integrated Google Analytics with your WordPress site, then this is an essential step.

For this, log in to your Google Search Console, click on your website’s name and go to Crawl → Sitemap in the Dashboard.

sitemap generator

At the top, click the ADD / TEST SITEMAP button to submit or test your existing site sitemap.

Bus! You have successfully submitted your sitemap to Google. Other search engines like Bing are quite similar.

8.Final Thoughts!

The sitemap is an important element for SEO of any website. This is an easy and effective way to tell search engines about active web pages on your website.

Now you know why the type of sitemap and how important it is to index web pages in search engines. You also discovered ways to create XML Sitemaps like WordPress Plugins and WordPress Sitemap Generator Tools and HTML Sitemaps. Finally, you see how to submit your XML sitemap to Google.

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