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May 29, 2019
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How to Increase Woocommerce Sales in 2020

Written by Increase Woocommerce Sales Think about where you are in your present WooCommerce adventure. Maybe you have launched a store to sell individually running shoes or your dropshipping business may already be established with a new store in the works.

Wherever you are standing, you will soon find that you have advanced to that level where the sale of WooCommerce has become a real challenge to Erskine Increase Woocommerce Sales. At this point, how do you step back and evaluate your current marketing strategy? How can you be sure that you are doing everything right? Are there other marketing strategies that can revitalize your marketing campaigns Increase Woocommerce Sales?

Generally, planning new marketing campaigns can be difficult because you will not get good suggestions in one place. To help people, I have done the legwork and have prepared the following list of ideas to attract visitors to your WooCommerce store and then converted them back to customers.

1. Discount Coupons Increase Woocommerce Sales

Coupons are a great way to spread the word about your WooCommerce store. Since you can fully customize the transaction for store coupons, you can take advantage of the data from your previous promotion to come up with a proposal that many of your customers can not refuse. Similarly, you can control effects (specific products vs. total inventory), validity period, and coupons (all customers vs new customers) to use.

The best part about using coupons for promoting your store is that you are in charge of delivering coupons and in this way to attract new customers or to re-activate the currently inactive customers, specific sections Can target. All you have to do is choose the right distribution channels and coupon-sharing websites for the campaign.

Onsite-promotion of coupons is a simple matter of displaying coupons at places with high visibility such as Hello-Bar and Sidebar. To make sure that the banners are among the first luggage to come to the store, make an attractive banner.

2. Start a loyalty score program

A loyalty program is a great idea to keep current customers and attract new people. By awarding a reward for shopping at your store, you ensure that customers return for more purchases, just to take loyalty points.

A good marketing strategy is to offer progressively increasing discounts and special deals to these loyal customers. All you have to do is install a plugin (WooRewards is a good start, but there are also other great options available), and you have a full-fledged loyalty program that will attract shoppers in your store. Once the program is live, remember to create and execute a dedicated marketing campaign to exclude the term.

3.Organize a contest Increase Woocommerce Sales

Competitions have always been a reliable marketing strategy that makes access to lots of traffic and brands to your store. However, since the competition has become common, you have to add an important WOW factor in your opinion.

This is where you can highlight your creativity and use online competition platforms to increase WooCocommerce sales. A good tip is to avoid a big competition.

Instead, select a series of mini-consultants that will keep your visitors interested and allow you to create a promotion. Remember that the prizes should be of sufficient value to attract the segments of visitors who are aiming to get to your store.

4.Leisure Commercial Holiday

Commercial holidays are sales incidents (especially in the last quarter of the year) which are witness to large sales activities. Events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become the main link for owners of WooCommerce stores. However, other events (a good example is a single day in November) can add important shop owners to your annual revenue number. However, remember that creating creative campaigns and offering exclusive deals is actually the only way to cash in these holidays.

5.Organize a special event

In addition to popular events, you should observe store-level events such as launch birthdays, celebrating a special day for your VIP customers, and also brand-specific days. People like special events with the touch of glamor. With proper digital marketing, these events are a great way to increase sales of your WooCommerce and bring new visitors.

6.Flash Sales (Today Only)

Flash sales are one of the most popular techniques to increase sales and bring more traffic to your store. These sales play with the feeling of urgency in which the visitor for the store can actually see the number of available stocks decreasing. Coupled with a very visible tick timer, sales are the result of flash sales. In many cases, stores often promote flash sales through social media, resulting in increased traffic on categories in flash sales.

7.Provide free gifts for shopping

Everyone likes gifts and the best gifts are those that come in the form of achievement. When you give a gift, you provide a powerful incentive for your visitors to make more purchases. This increases average car prices, an important operational metric that is essential for the development of store revenue. Apart from this, free gifts are a great promotion idea that brings new visitors to your store. Another great action tip is to pair up the free gifts with a flash sale for maximum profit.

8.Provide customer-focused benefits Increase Woocommerce Sales

If the seller often leads the characteristics of their products (which is not bad in itself), it is more interesting to show the benefit to the consumer. The product that provides the benefit to the customer according to its needs will encourage it to work for more purchases than its characteristics. An Invincible Sales Technique To Integrate Into All Your Product Sheets!

9.Cross-Selling and Upscaling Increase Woocommerce Sales

 Increase Woocommerce Sales

The most popular selling techniques have cross-selling and upselling. They offer supplemental products at e-commerce stores. This method is often used to search for a new product or to provide the necessary service to operate the main product.

10.Send Personalized Newsletters Increase Woocommerce Sales

 Increase Woocommerce Sales

Each shop sends the promotional newsletter, but according to the recipients, there is some trouble to customize the content. This is one of the main reasons for low open rates and less traffic than newsletters, which are sent regularly to the store.

If you want to get traffic from your newsletter, then you have to customize it according to the recipients. This means that newsletters should offer products that fit the purchase history of the customer receiving the email.

While the design and content of the newsletter are the essential aspects of the success of email newsletters, the last key to bring traffic from email newsletters is the presentation of offers that tempt readers to click on landing pages.

11.Provide free shipping Increase Woocommerce Sales

 Woocommerce Sales

This is a classic yet effective technique. By mail order, free shipping cost stimulates purchasing. You can decide to limit this offer with a certain amount of order or to open it in any order. My recommendation: Offer shipping cost for each first order. It encourages consumers to search for your store and this increases the base of your new customers.

12.Sell in lots (bulk product)  Increase Woocommerce Sales

 Increase Woocommerce Sales tutorial

This technique is used to increase the average basket, to sell products that the user did not buy. For him, a very motion proposal. For example, “For 2 products purchased, 3G offered”. This famous technique is a great way to sell 2 products instead of just one.

Of course, this should be seen on a case-to-case basis, depending on the margin generated for each product: this is a question of the remaining profitable. Last but at least, for a user, this allows him to make a good deal and he will certainly invite you to return to your WooCommerce store.

13.Send Deleted Cart Email Increase Woocommerce Sales

 Increase Woocommerce

Receiving an email reminds us that we have an abandoned vehicle. It is not in reference to numbers, the conclusion is formal and has a positive effect. This effect will be even more meaningful if you remind that email with a small discount. This will accelerate the act of purchase.

14.Provide supplements

 Increase Woocommerce Sales

This is a great way to increase your online store’s conversion rate. This sales technique enhances the buyer’s average basket. For example, if a user buys a bike, you can give him a pump, a crutch, a stick cover, a helmet.

To offer additional products, you can name the title “Our customers have also bought these products”.

To boost your sales, you can offer high-quality products and therefore more expensive than the original product.

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