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Jan 29, 2019
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How to Set up a WooCommerce Dropshipping Store Using Dropified Plugin

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How to Set up a WooCommerce Dropshipping Store Using Dropified Plugin With the ease of creating e-commerce through Wycombe, also anyone can start their own online store. It’s a breeze!  in the same way, Simply install related extensions, drag elements one by one and, automate emails, or manage invoices. This time Everything can be done with WooCommerce!

WooCommerce, therefore, is an excellent CMS to create an online e-commerce store. But building an online store is not something we can provide! Finally, we just need a business model, showcase products and a strategy to market them.

In our Previously articles, we have shown to you how you can create your own online store using WooDropship, AliDropship, and in this article, we use WooCommerce dropshipping using Dropified.

Features of Dropified Plugin

Dropified Plugin (formerly known as Shopify) is another dropshipping plugin that lets you import products, manages them at your store, and completes them without your intervention. So let’s see some useful features.

  • Add Top Sales Products with Only 1-Click
  • Filter products with ePacket
  • Research new products and save with custom switchboard
  • Set order and production automation complete
  • Customize images, logos, details, etc.
  • Quickly get your product through AliExpress
  • Connect with existing products to Dropified
  • You can manage all your products in one store

Pricing details Dropified Plugin

of course With a Dropified Plugin, you can use three different pricing plan starter, builder, and Premier. His description is as follows:

  • Builder: The second is a builder package. It spends $ 47 per month with 15,000 products, 50 product boards, 1,000 orders a month, and 5 users.
  • Premier: The third is a major package. It costs $ 127 per month with 50,000 products, 250 product boards, 20,000 orders per month, and 25 users.
  • Both plans come with a free 14-day trial.

Dropified Plugin

Choose any plan according to your requirement from the Pricing section, you will be redirected to another page where you add your full name, email address, and payment information Can be used to complete the signup process.

Go to your email account and get your dropped password to log in.

Go to the login page and enter your email address and password. And click the Login button.

Dropified plugin tips

After that, we will be in our Dropified plugin Dashboard.

Dropified plugin Dashboard

Install the WooCommerce Dropshipping Store using the Dropified Plugin

Step 1: Select WooCommerce

On the right side, we can see three options in the drop-down menu. We choose WooCommerce because we want to add a drop-down plugin to my WooCommerce store.

Select WooCommerce Dropified Plugin

Step 2: Add Store

Click the Add Store button next to where we are asked for two things. The first is our store name and the other is a store URL.

Add Store Dropified Plugin

Step 3: Setting a Permalink

Go to your WooCommerce Dashboard, go to Settings → Permalinks, and select Post name and then click the Save Changes button.

Setting a Permalink Dropified Plugin

Step 4: Generate the API Key

To generate an API key, go to WooCommerce → Settings, and then click on the API tab.

Generate the API Key Dropified Plugin

In the API section, we can see a link to the key/apps. After tapping on it, we will have to click Create an API Key to create a new API.

Create an API Key Dropified Plugin

After that, we can see three options: Description, User, and Permission. In the example, we can write anything, for example, dropped; Then the user is the administrator; And the third is a permissions option, which you must select the read/write option.

After filling out all the details, click the Generate API Key button.

Generate API Key button Dropified Plugin

We are done with this part.

Dropified Plugin

Then click the Add Store button. Now we have an official option, we just need to click the Accepted button to complete the authorization process.

authorization process.

congratulation! Our WooCommerce dropshipping store is successfully connected.

Install Dropped Chrome Extensions

Now in this phase, we are going to install Dropified Plugin, which will also be visible on our Dedicated Dashboard.
Install Dropped Chrome Extensions

After successfully setting up the Chrome extension, the option also appears at the top right of the browser.

Import Products to WooCommerce Store

First of all, we need to go to AliExpress to get many products; We can add whatever products we want to add See examples below!

We need to add T-shirts, so first, we are going to find the “ T-shirt category “, then click on any one of the T-shirts and then drop Click the extension icon.

So after clicking on the extension, we can see that the details of the T-shirt appear on our screen where we can update the title, description, price, color, size, etc.

Import Products to WooCommerce Store

After adding information, click the Send to WooCommerce button, But it will take some time and will allow us to see the products through the View in the dropdown button.

Dropified Plugin

After that, we will go straight to our Dedicated Dashboard, where we can see all the information. We can also update this information as we are adding details here.


After changing the details, click the Send to WooCommerce button. If we do not want to add a product, then another option is Save for later. All we need to do is click on it and save it in the product directory.

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