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Jan 25, 2019
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How to Set up DHGate Dropshipping on WooCommerce Using ShopMaster Plugin

Written by DHGate Dropshipping on WooCommerce in 2018 Over 30% of online stores are using dropshipping as a business model. If the growth rate remains the same in the next two years – then this number will definitely double.

According to research, during the last year, goods worth $ 85 billion were sold through Halle Neustadt dropshipping. Because you can only imagine what kind of impact it will take in the next few years.

This is also one of the reasons why starting your DHGATE DROPSHIPPING business is so important. Finally we are writing about dropshipping stores for a good amount of time and the questions we get about dropshipping alone are huge!

For example, Just look at the traffic trend of dropshipping topics on our website. What does the graph represent? It shows that searches for dropshipping topics are increasing significantly.

Also, this is a screen Grobe of trends ‘DROPSHIPPING’ for the past five years. If you are still naïve to do dripping, then see all the details about dropshipping in this post Now, when you have a fair idea about the future of dropshipping, in this post we will focus on using DHZ as a drop-down platform.

Most people are wary of AliExpress and consider it the only option of dropshipping, but the world is not so small and there are many stores available. Because we have written about the AliExpress options for Dropshipping, do not forget to see the post.

What is DHGate Dropshipping on WooCommerce?

Additionally, DHGate is one of the best Chinese e-commerce platforms which provides moderate value for a wide range of products. Also, the platform is similar to AliExpress and offers thousands of vendors products. But there are approximately 16 million products available in it.

Why choose DHGate Dropshipping on WooCommerce?

Two reasons for choosing DHGate dropshipping.

  • Options
  • Flexibility

People today use AliExpress because there is a wide variety of products in it, but most of the time, the products can get out of stock on AliExpress. In other cases, these products are available only for high prices.

This is where you can use AliExpress options like DHGate to find products of your choice at cheaper rates such as a drop shipper. Thankfully, there are plugins available which semi-automate the dropshipping process.

This means that you have to manually add products from your e-commerce store to DHZET. Instead, you can add a plugin to your WooCommerce dropshipping store and can add products in no time.

Installing WooCommerce with DHGate for DropShapping

For this tutorial, we will use the Shopmaster DHGate Dropsypipping plugin. Generally, the reason for using Shopmaster is related to the fact that it is free to use completely, and you can easily integrate it with DHGate, Banggood, Chinabrands, WooCommerce, Shopify, eBay accounts, and etc. Are.

The process of installing the ShopMaster DHGate Dropshipping plugin is quite easy. Here’s how it goes …

1 Install WooCommerce on your server

Then You can get a one-click installation on a fast-fast SSD server. In addition, you can get free SSL and CDN to speed up your e-commerce website.

2. Create an account at Shopmaster

Also after this, we will create an account on the ShopMaster DHGate dropshipping plugin. Adding to your WooCommerce ShopMaster by making API is easy.

First of all, visit Shopmaster’s official website and click the Sign up free button. Enter your email and password and then click the Get Started Now button to create your account.

Next, choose an app to complete the setup process. You have four options available, eBay, Wish, including Shopify, and WooCommerce. We will choose WooCommerce

In the next window, you must provide details of your WooCommerce store. This will ask you to add store name, URL, consumer key and secret key.

3 Receiving WooCommerce API for DHGate integration

You may have your website name and URL address because they are easily available. But you have to create a consumer key and secret key.

To do this:

  • Enable other APIs
  • Configure your REST API key by adding a new key
  • Here’s how to do: Navigate through WordPress and > Dashboard > WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced and rest API

Now click on the Key Add Key button to create an API key for your store.

In the next window, add relevant details and then click the API Generate API Key button.

For those who want to add to related areas, here’s what you should add.

  • Description: Add a name for anything. We have written ‘test’
  • User: Choose your username from the drop-down menu
  • Permission: Read / Write permission to the user

In the next step, you can see the Consumer Key. You will get a secret key as soon as you provide the information.

Copy this key and go back to your Shopmaster Setup Wizard and add details.

Now, click the Connect button.

Now you’ve authorized the ShopMaster plugin to add or remove products from your WooCommerce store.

In the next window, you can see the shop masters features such as product import, managed listings etc.

We will use the Import Products feature.

DHGate Dropshipping on WooCommerce

4. Add Shopmaster Chrome extension

You must install the ShopMaster Chrome extension. To copy product data for the WooCommerce store.

Just install the extension.


Click on ‘Add to Chrome’ to install the Shopmaster Chrome extension in your browser.

 Dropshipping on WooCommerce

After installing the Chrome extension, click the Import Products button.

DHGate Dropshipping

Once the extension is installed, you will see two options ‘Import Products’ and ‘Bulk Import’.

Import Products: This helps you to add a single product to your e-commerce store. To import one, visit the DHGate website and select the URL of the product you like. Next, copy the link to this product and paste it into the Import Products section.

DHGate Dropshipping on WooCommerce

Bulk import: The bulk import product feature works the same way. If you have a short time and want to add many products at once, then select it.

DHGate Dropshipping on WooCommerce

In the above image, we’ve added several URLs in the ShopMaster plugin. All of these are separated by a line break.

5 Import Products from ShopMaster to WooCommerce

Click on the to click to import ‘ button to import these products to the store.

DHGate Dropshipping on WooCommerce

Note: It’s important to optimize your products before clicking on the Import on the Store button. The reason behind this is that if you import products in raw format, they will automatically be published on your e-commerce store.

To return it, you have to change each article in format mode.

After that, click on the Listings Active Listing ‘ button to view those products that you have published on your e-commerce store.

DHGate Dropshipping on WooCommerce

The Active Listing Dashboard is similar to WooCommerce You can edit/delete products directly from this screen.

To customize the product settings, click the Edit button, and add other products according to your needs.

You can edit many products by checking the checkbox at the far left of the screen.

Here you can update all the details of the product, such as names, pictures, categories, descriptions, tags, menus, and other features.

After editing the product field, click the Publish button.

Congratulations, the product is now live at your e-commerce store.

The image below shows how the product will look at the eCommerce store.

The product looks similar to any available e-commerce store product.

6 Next step of DHGate Dropshipping on WooCommerce

Also As you can see, you can easily add many products to your e-commerce store using the Digg drop dropping plugin, Shopmaster.

You should do a few things to generate revenue from this dropshipping store.

  • Add payment gateway to initiate a transaction.
  • Install a professional WooCommerce theme in your eCommerce store
  • Add Social Media Plugins to Increase Access
  • Add between 300-500 words of content to each product
  • Start promotions paid on social media and search engines

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