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Nov 27, 2018
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How to WordPress theme customize

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We will learn how to customize the theme. Customizing themes help you to give your website a new look.

We will learn How to WordPress theme customize. Customizing themes help you to give your website a new look.

The steps of the customized theme are as follows.

Step (1) − Click on the Appearance → Customize.

Step (2) − The screenshot will be displayed.

As can be seen, on the left side we have the Customizing section, and on the right, we have the topics you have selected. Then any changes you made to the left will be displayed on the right side of the page. Here are some options that you must know –

Active theme – In this section, you can simply change the current theme by clicking on ‘Change’.

When you click on ‘Change’, you get a list of themes, click on any theme and then click on ‘Save & Continue’. Your topic will be saved.

Site Title and Tagline – In this section, you want to add site title and tagline to your website.


Title Title Title ‘section, add your title name to the section. And tagline ‘tags in your tagline.

Colour – You can change the colour of your header text using this section. As you scroll through the colours, you get the changes to the right of your page. You can also add your own colour to the box that is located between ‘current colour’ and ‘default’.

Header Image − Add header image either by choosing from the suggestions, or you can add your own image by clicking ‘Add new image‘.

Widgets − Add widgets to your site from here see in the screenshot.

The following image appears when you click on the arrow mark.

Here, there are two types of options –

When you click on the arrow button, you get another list of widgets to be displayed in the footer area.

When you click any widget, a dropdown appears where you can make more edits or add more. For example – if you want to add categories, the following image appears.

In this image, as you can see, you can add your category to the ‘Title’ section. Check any required boxes. If you do not want to add any more, say ‘Remove”.The same goes for other widgets too.

Secondary widget – Here you have to click on the add secondary widget and you will get a side bar with a list of different widgets. Click on any and it adds to your widget list.

If you want to add more widget then click ‘Add a widget again and you can add as many widgets as you wish.

Static Front − Choose either the latest post or Static Front page for your site.

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