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Jul 4, 2019
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myCRED WordPress Plugin for Points and Rewards Management

Written by myCRED WordPress Plugin for buy gabapentin online canada Points and Rewards Management Perhaps the most important question is that every online business owner and manager’s faces are: How to tiptop maintain a long-term relationship with customers?

This question has given birth to a lot of innovation and creativity in digital marketing and in particular customer acquisition channel development. For WordPress-based businesses, the requirement of ‘repeat customers’ is an important part of the business aspect and broadens the brand reach.

There is some kind of reward point system in an innovative customer retention strategy, which has gained popularity both in online and offline business scenarios. Given the popularity of the Revind Point System, it is no surprise that these programs come in a wide range of options and designs.

In many cases, the implementation of a reward score system is ideal for online businesses because this business can easily manage business owners (and scale) programs without any major deviation in business processes.

in this case, Fortunately, implementing a reward point system for a WordPress-driven business, thanks to myCRED WordPress – a Freemium Points Management.

myCRED – Points, Rewards & Badges

myCRED WordPress Plugin for Points and Rewards Management
myCRED is a freemium point management plugin that allows you to create a point and reward system for e-commerce stores created with WordPress. Once the plugin is activated, store owners often notice a view increase in traffic and sales. In the long run, the program repeats customers, increases customer loyalty, and improves revenue.

Features of myCRED

myCRED WordPress is a feature-rich plugin that simplifies the process of establishing loyalty and reward point programs for WordPress websites. Popular features include:

  • Point Balance: Each user can have a different point of balance. Website owners can use shortcodes and/or widgets to display balance in appropriate locations.
  • Account History: To ensure full transparency and to allow for applicable borders, each transaction is logged in the balance. Also, users can view this history through on-page widgets.
  • Automatic Points: These are the perfect “hooks” to retain customers. These points are automatically rewarded for simple actions such as interacting with the contents of your website or downloading third-party plugins.
  • Optimization: The plugin can be fully customized for your plan of reward and management through built-in and premium add-ons. In addition, if you need a custom feature, you can submit a request through the myCRED website.
  • Code snippets: myCRED custom code snippets Provides> for different pages that can help you connect with your visitors.

myCRED built-in add-on

The free version of MyCRED comes with a category of add-ons that adds value to your website:

myCRED WordPress Plugin for Points and Rewards Management

  • Badge: Users can earn a badge when they meet some point-based milestones.
  • Banking: Users can earn interest in users or set up recurring payments.
  • BuyCRED: Users can purchase points in exchange for real money.
  • Coupons: Coupons: Create coupons that users can use to redeem points.
  • Email notifications: Set up email notifications for the benefits/disadvantages of points.
  • Payment Gateway: Users can pay for your store items with loyalty points.
  • Notifications: Set Pop-up Notifications for Point Profit/Loss
  • Rank: Set up a leaderboard based on users’ balance.
  • Sell content: Provide access to content to be stored in exchange for points.
  • Statistics: Get detailed statistics and an overview of users’ points.
  • Transfer: Users can transfer points to other users.

If you want further functionality, check out the myCRED Premium Add-on, which includes Notification Plus, buyCRED join gateway, scratch card, partial payment, lottery, transfer plus, coin payment, SMS payment, etc.

myCRED hooks

myCRED WordPress plugin provides the following hook for installation/management of different types of points.

  • points for registration
  • Points for daily visits
  • Point to view content
  • For Login
  • Points for publishing content
  • Points for trashed content
  • Point to comments
  • Points to click on the link
  • The point to watch the video
  • points for referrals
  • WooCommerce Product Review

Requirements for myCRED

To use the MyCRED WordPress plugin, there should be a website:

  • WordPress 4.5 or higher
  • PHP version 5.6 or higher
  • Enable PHP mcrypt library
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater

Install myCRED on WordPress

To install myCRED on WordPress, go to WordPress Dashboard → Plugins → Add New, type myCred in the search box. Once found, click the Install Now button.

myCRED WordPress Plugin for Points and Rewards Management

The installation finishes, click the Activate button.

myCRED WordPress Plugin for Points and Rewards Management

Once the process is finished, you will notice the myCRED setup under the Plugins menu.

Configure MyCRED settings

Now to configure MyCRED settings, go to plugins → myCRED setup. Before you start, you have to set the point type This includes labels, formats, and security. Once you’ve added the required details, click the Create Point button.

myCRED WordPress Plugin for Points and Rewards Management

you! Setup will look perfect! You are now ready to use myCRED. what is next? ‘message.

myCRED WordPress Plugin for Points and Rewards Management

Now, go to WordPress Dashboard → Point. There you will see four different options: logs, hooks, add-ons, and settings.

1. Log

Logs option helps you add points (decrease or decrease) for users. Adjusting the digits is logged in a dedicated log so that users can browse their history. These logs provide detailed statistical analysis, user badge, and raw data for rank.

myCRED WordPress Plugin for Points and Rewards Management

2. Hooks

Then hooks can be enabled or disabled as needed.

myCRED WordPress Plugin for Points and Rewards Management

If you want to give points to your customers using a specific hook, then drag and drop that hook into the active hook section. For further reference, please refer to the following screenshots in which I have enabled hooks for daily trips.

myCRED WordPress Plugin for Points and Rewards Management

After enabling the Points for Daily Visits hook, when a visitor goes to your website, it will be rewarded with pre-assigned points, and you always have Points → Logs. For detailed statistics

myCRED WordPress Plugin for Points and Rewards Management

3 Add-ons

All of these add-ons can affect the categories of specific users or users, such as long-term members.

myCRED WordPress Plugin for Points and Rewards Management

next If you want to enable any built-in add-on, just rotate your mouse over it, and then click the Activate button. In my example, I have activated the badge add-on.

myCRED WordPress Plugin for Points and Rewards Management

After activation, I can configure its settings with Issue → Badge. This step is similar to all other built-in add-ons.

myCRED WordPress Plugin for Points and Rewards Management

4 Settings

Finally, the last tab Settings has the bellow four options:

  • Core Settings: Update the labels, formats, and security settings already set up.
  • Management: Then see Allow log tables, balance meta, and remote access. You can also reset all values and export balances from this tab.
  • Point type: Also Add a new meta key and label for point management.
  • Export: If the Export (Front End / Back End) option is enabled, users will only be able to export their log entries! You can set the file format from this tab.

myCRED WordPress Plugin

is that all! Now you can take advantage of myCRED on your WordPress website.

myCRED WordPress Plugin for Points and Rewards Management

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