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Nov 30, 2018
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Permalinks Set With WooCommerce

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Permalink Settings for WooCommerce WordPress Dashboard > Settings > In the permanent link .

Permalink is short for “permanent link.” Permalinks are permanent URL structures used to help organize the content of your website (pages, posts, products, etc.) so it can be efficiently navigated, shared, and referenced by users and bots

Permalinks set with WooCommerce WordPress Guérande Dashboard > Settings > In the permanent link. From here you can configure the URL structure for your store and product pages.

Taxonomy Autonomy (Permalinks)

There are 3 settings that control the bases of your buy Seroquel cod categories, rules, and attributes:

The default category is the base product-category. An example would be.

The default tag base is Product-Tags. An example would be .

Product attribute base slug will optionally use a custom base before / character-name / attribute / (pre: / size / medium / color / blue).

Product Permalink

These settings control the permalink used for products:

If you are not using too much permalink, then ‘default’ will be the only alternative option for you and will use an ID-based URL. like. If you are using too many permalinks, the default will be.

Other options allow you to create product permalinks with some customs, such as the name of the shop page, or some products, as well as custom permalinks that you have defined.

Please Note:

The product custom base should not conflict with the taxonomic permalink base. If you set the product base to ‘shop’, for example, you should not set the product category base to ‘shop’ in wooCommerce.

It will not be unique and will struggle. WordPress requires something unique so that it can separate categories from products.

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