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Nov 27, 2018
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How To View Plugins List

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We will study how to view plugins list in WordPress. It helps you enable and disable WordPress plugins. It adds unique

How to view plugins list We will study how to view plugins in WordPress.Also It helps you enable and disable plugins. It adds unique features to the existing web site. Plugins extend and extend the functionality.

The Following Are Simple Steps To See Plugins In WordPress

Step (1) − Click Plugins Plugins Installed in WP Admin

Step (2) − You will see a where to buy Ivermectin uk list of existing plugins on your site as seen in the following screen.

How to view plugins list

A table of the plugin and description is displayed. Because the names of the plugins are defined in the column and the brief description of the defined under the Description column.

How to view plugins list Toolbar

Appear as toolbar options on the following work pages –

  • Active − Shows active plugins on the website.
  • Inactive − Displays but disabled plugins on the website.
  • Update Available − Shows if a new version is an available notification or asks to update now.

Also, we will study how to install a plugin in WordPress. Installing plugins is really easy. All plugins are free to download. The only condition is that a plugin should be in the WordPress directory.

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