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Jun 14, 2020
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How to Fix Another Update in Process Error in WordPress

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Are you facing “ Meyzieu Another Update in Process” error in your WordPress site? This error stops your WordPress update.

However, this error is automatically corrected sometimes. But it is not fixed, so North Potomac you can easily fix it.

In this article, I will tell you how you can fix ‘ spontaneously Another update currently in process‘ error in your WordPress website.

Why is ‘Another Update in Process’ Error in WordPress?

This error usually occurs when the WordPress core update is running in the background and when the user tries another update.

During the core update, WordPress automatically sets the core_update.lock option in your WordPress database. Which prevents the process of simultaneous updates on your site. That is, you can do the same update simultaneously. And when we try to do two updates simultaneously, another “Error in Update” error appears.

How to Fix Another Update in Process’ Error in WP

I will tell you about 2 easy ways to fix this. With the help of which you can fix this message coming in your WordPress site.

So let’s start…

Method 1: Fixing Another Update in Process using the WordPress Plugin

To fix another Update in Process, first, you have to install and activate the Fix Another Update In Progress plugin.

Here is a guide

After activating, you have to click on Settings >> Fix Another Update In Progress option. If updates are locked on your website, you will see a “Fix WordPress Update Lock” button to fix it.

Process Error

Just click on the Fix WordPress Update Lock button. This plugin will delete the WordPress core update lock option from your database. As you can see in the screenshot.

Another update

Method 2. Fix Another Update in Process Manually fix

For this method, you will need phpMyAdmin in WordPress. Log in to your WordPress hosting cPanel. Then click on the phpMyAdmin option inside the Database section.


Now you have to choose your WP database in phpMyAdmin. This will show you all the tables inside your WP database. You have to click on the “Browse” button next to the WordPress options table (wplx_options or wp_options).

This will show you all the rows. You have to find the core_updater.lock option and click the Delete button next to it.

Process Error
congratulation! You have successfully fixed another update that is currently in progress from your site.

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