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Jun 3, 2020
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20 Best Free SEO Tools for Bloggers 2020

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There are many tools available on the Internet to do dapoxetine purchase in india website SEO but it is difficult to find out which is the best Amahai SEO tool among them. That is why we have come for you by researching buy gabapentin 300 mg for dogs 20 Best and Free SEO Tools list. All these SEO tools are the best and these free site audit tools provide auditing data just like paid audit tools. Best Free SEO Tools for 2020.

In addition to writing quality content to a blog writer, SEO optimization is needed to make it top in the search engine, such as using keywords in the article, creating quality backlinks for your site, fixing broken links, and disavow bad links. And so on.

These SEO audit tools will help you in doing search engine optimization on your site, which will increase your traffic by 200%, just you should come to use these tools properly.

Top 20 Free SEO Tools 2020 for Blogger

All these tools are best for 2020and free too, you can use them to bring your site to the top in google and can surpass your competitor.

1. Google Search Console SEO Tools

This is the best free SEO tools for bloggers. This helps to make your site crawl & index in google search engine.

You can submit your sites and their sitemap in google search console tool (google webmaster tools), also see indexed pages, error 404, search queries report.

2. Google Analytics

Maybe you already use it but not just for the SEO toolkit to check the performance report. If you can understand it then it can help you a lot in SEO.

I have already told you about this, for this, you read this article, Google Analytics Performance Report Check Karne Ki 7 Tips.

3. Google PageSpeed Insights

The Google page speed insights tool is the best for checking the speed score of your website. Open this tool and enter the URL of your website. Now check the Analyze report.

Your site’s overall score should be 85+, if it is not, then following the guideline of this tools, optimize your site and improve the score, it gives solution to each issue.

4. Mobile-Friendly Test SEO Tools

Now Google has also added the mobile first-index feature to the search console, i.e. now it has become very important for your site to be mobile-friendly.

With a mobile-friendly test tool, you can check the mobile performance of your site whether your site is properly open in mobile devices.

5. Mobile Speed Test SEO Tools

Test your mobile website speed and performance tool is to check the mobile performance report of the website, which tells how fast your site loads in mobile.

It tells the report in Excellent, Good, Fair, or Poor score and also shows the visitors loss along with the performance report, how much traffic loss you will have with such speed.

6. Structured Data Testing Tool

Structured data testing tool helps in finding structured data issues in your site. It validates mistakes by following google’s Structured Data Guideline.

This is the best tool to detect schema markup error on your site, in this you can test from site URL or by pasting direct website coding.

7. Google Keyword Planner

This tool has been created by Google for bloggers for keyword research for their blog. You can do keyword research for your site in it.

Though there are many SEO tools for keyword research like Semrush and Ahrefs but it is paid while the google keyword planner tool is free.

8. Xenu Link Sleuth

Xenu Link Sleuth site is the best free tool to find crawlers and broken links. With this, you can detect broken links of your website in a few minutes.

I have already done a detailed guideline about it, you can learn to use it by reading it,

9. Mobile Web Page Test

If you are confused by taking your website design, then you can check the pages of your site in mobile devices of all sizes with the Mobile Web Page Test Tool.

These tools are Apple iOS, Android and Windows OS, etc. Supports all types of mobiles. You can test 2 pages simultaneously and scroll through it to see the entire design of the page.

10. Mobile SERPs Test

This is also a tool of mobile moxie but in this, you can check search ranking on mobile of keywords. From this, you can check which keyword has how much rank in mobile.

This tool shows preview according to the mobile category, so that the results are clearly and easily understood.

11. Free Blacklist Checker

This UltraTools RBL database lookup tool tells you that there is no blacklist or spam list added to your site.

Your site must have been added to the blacklist where it shows their names and also their contact information so that you can contact them.

12. Free HTTPS Validator Tool

It is also necessary to find out which SSL certificate to use on your site. The SSL Labs Security Tool tests your site’s SSL to provide complete information about how secure it is.

Also, it also shows that what else you should do to improve the site HTTPS security.

13. Siteliner Duplicate Content Checker SEO Tools

A free site liner duplicate content checker tool is created by CopyScape. It tells your site’s header, layout, footer content, and post, pages by scanning and counting duplicate content.

You can find out from this how much percent duplicate content is on your site. The average should not more than 10% duplicate content.

14. W3C Validator SEO Tools

The W3C validator checks your site’s HTML and tells if it is valid or not. If you use a self-designed theme then this is for you.

With this, you can easily find out that you have said in the design of your site but you have made a mistake in the HTML code, and you can fix it.

15. Web Page Speed Test

This tool is for testing website performance. With this, you can test real-time speed in different browsers from worldwide multiple locations.

You can also check the performance report by its advanced test feature by cache version, repeat version, excluding video, image, capture.

16. Website Speed Optimize Tool

GTmetrix is the speed and performance audit that provides the easiest guide to analyze website speed. It tells you why the speed score of your site is low.

It generates various benchmark scores and tells you in detail as to what the score needs to be done to fix it.

17. XML Sitemap Generator SEO Tools

It is necessary to have a sitemap on your site to get your website indexed well in google. With this tool, you can generate a sitemap in both XML and HTML format for your site.

For more information, read this article, Apni Website Blog Ke Liye Google Sitemap Kaise Banaye?

18. Robots.txt Generator SEO Tools

Google has to have a robots.txt file on the website to tell which content of your site has to be indexed and which is not.

Robots.txt Generator is the perfect tool for this. With this tool, you can easily generate your own robots.txt for your site.

19. SEO Analyze Tool

It is my favorite SEO tool to check your site’s SEO score. SEO site checkup tells SEO score report with a very simple and easy to understand guideline.

It tells you why your site has a low SEO score and what search engine optimization you will have to do to correct it.

20. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Screaming From is a desktop program that you can install on your PC. It mainly evaluates onsite SEO factors. Which includes server error, broken links, duplicate pages, and blocked URLs.

Also, it crawls your site to analyze the title and meta description, which depends on the length and relevancy.

Final Thoughts
These 20 free SEO tools are the most important SEO tools that will help you in site optimization. You can use them and take your blog further and if you have a budget then you can also use premium SEO tools like Semrush.

Whether your blog is on WordPress or BlogSpot, whether you are a new blogger or old blogger, these tools are useful for all bloggers.

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