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Jul 2, 2019
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Setting Up WordPress BuddyPress plugin

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Phulabāni WordPress BuddyPress Plugin helps you create and Greeneville manage social networks so that users can communicate and communicate with each other very smoothly. A set of plugins adds specific attributes that you can mix-and-match to customize the network according to your needs.

This tutorial will help readers in setting up WordPress BuddyPress and installing BuddyPress compatible themes. By the end, readers will have a simple social networking website that is ready for business.

Step 1: Install WordPress Theme

I will choose a simple and basic social topic for the sample website. In this tutorial, I will use the Quest WordPress theme. To set up the topic, go to Appearance → Themes and search for “ Quest “. Next, click the Install button as shown below.

Once you installed, click the Activate button to activate the theme on the website.

Step 2: How to Install WordPress BuddyPress Plugin?

How to install WordPress plugin Go to the WordPress Admin Panel, search BuddyPress Plugins → Add New in the search box at the top right.

Once you find the plugin, click the Install Now button in WordPress.

Once the process is finished, activate the plugin.

Next, I will now configure the BuddyPress plugin to use it with the Quest theme.

Step 3: Configure the WordPress BuddyPress Plugin

To navigate Plugins → Installed Plugins → BuddyPress → Settings.

You will see a Credit tab and three Options tabs through which you can configure WordPress BuddyPress Plugin according to your needs.

Building a Social Website with WordPress BuddyPress Plugin

1. Organ

These options allow the site administrator to enable (or disable) actions that directly affect users to interact with other users of social networks.

  • Extended Profile: When enabled, you can add custom fields to the user profile.
  • Account Settings: Checking this item can change your account and notifications directly from the user profile screen.
  • Friend connections: When enabled, users can send friend requests to other site users. If the request is accepted, then users can monitor each other through the Activity Log.
  • Private Message: When this option is enabled, users can send private messages to private users and to other members in one group.
  • Activity Stream: This option allows users to view activities of their friends on social websites, including threads, comments, mentions, direct postings, and partisanship. Users are also notified via email.
  • Notifications: This option allows users to receive instant notifications of friends’ activities, including friend requests, private messages, etc.
  • User Groups: This option allows users to create public, private, or hidden groups of nature.
  • Site tracking: records activity related to new posts or comments, if enabled.

2. Options

These options allow users (or reject) the actions of registered users to add to the user experience.

  • Auto-refresh activity

The most widely used feature of the social network is news feed auto-refresh so that users do not have to refresh the view repeatedly to receive new updates. By default, this option is enabled so that logged-in users are notified when they share a new post or comment.

  • Profile Sync

Now, this option allows users to link their WordPress profiles with their BuddyPress profiles.

  • Post Comments

If enabled, users can add their comments to posts and comments on their activity stream.


This is a very important section for your social site.

Although this tab is very simple, many users of BuddyPress get confused. Let me help you understand these three labels:

  1. Members
  2. Activity
  3. User Groups

Now, I’ll create the Registration and Activation page.

  • Register

In BuddyPress, this is the default registration form. BuddyPress requires a page to assign its sign up form. So I need to add a new page from my WordPress  Admin panel

  • Active

This is also a default account activation process of BuddyPress in WordPress. For this, I have to go to the WordPress Admin panel and create a new page and create a new page again.

Create a registration & Activate the account page

Navigate to Add Page New and create a “ Registration ” page.

Navigate to Pages and > Create an “ Activate Account ” page; Add new.

tutorial buddy press

Now, navigate to Settings → BuddyPress → Page

easy setup WordPress BuddyPress Plugin

Note: If these options are not visible, then go to Settings → General and enable the “ Anyone can register option.

WordPress BuddyPress Plugin setup

Finally, click the “Save Save ” button at the bottom of the page in WordPress.

Step 4: Using BuddyPress with Themes

Go to Surat → Menu. Open from the top right corner screen options.

WordPress tutorial

Make sure you have marked BuddyPress.

WordPress BuddyPress Plugin best tutorial

Note: If you already have a menu bar, then delete it before continuing.

WordPress BuddyPress Plugin step by step

Follow these steps to add a new menu bar in WordPress.

WordPress BuddyPress Plugin tutorial

Remove theme default widgets, and configure them according to your requirement.


Add BuddyPress widgets to the sidebar.


(BuddyPress) login: This widget contains BuddyPress login functionality. The widget side presents the login form in the menu bar.

(BuddyPress) Latest Activities: This widget shows recent activities on the BuddyPress site so that users can trend in the community.

(BuddyPress) members: This side menu widget lists all recent, popular, and active members.

(BuddyPress) Recently Active Members: As the name suggests, this widget displays recently active members on the website.

(BuddyPress) Who’s online: Online does not mean that the user is also active. This widget helps other users see other online members.

(BuddyPress) Primary Navigation: This show performs and mentions for all users. This is the primary navigation and it should appear at the top of all other widgets.

Step 6: Enable user registration on the website.

In the case of a public social network, user registration should be open to all visitors on the website. However, if the network is private, you can either completely stop the registration or better, simply make the process inviting the process

To make the registration process public, Settings → General → icon Any person can register.

WordPress BuddyPress

Step 7: Setting Front Page

Finally, the last and most important part of the process is to set the front page of your website. When a visitor comes on your website, this is the first page they will see.

In this example, I have defined the “ Activity ” page as the home page of my website. For this, go to Settings > Read

 BuddyPress Plugin

Click the Save Changes button now. Powered by WordPress BuddyPress Plugin Your own social website is now ready for visitors.

WordPress BuddyPress Plugin

Since I have selected the strong activity ‘ page as the front page, visitors can visit the current activity after visiting the website. At the top, I have a BuddyPress menu that has options like notifications, settings, and profiles.

All the widgets in the right-hand menu are listed in the order I added, and on the main part of the page, I have an activity stream that has been updated in real-time.

I am running my social network with varnish-enabled on my cloud-managed server without any problem. However, if you encounter a problem, and the problem is a specific page, then proceed and Exclude those URLs from the varnish settings.

Building a Social Website with WordPress BuddyPress Plugin


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