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Jun 27, 2020
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How To Add Special Characters In WordPress Posts

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Are you looking for an easy way to add special characters to your WordPress posts and pages?

These special characters are not found on the keyboard, making it difficult for new users to use them.

Today in this article, I will tell you how to easily add special char to WordPress posts. So let’s start…

How to Add Special Characters in WordPress Posts

Here I will tell you about two ways you can use anyone who is suitable for you.

1. Add Using HTML Entity Code

You can add special characters using HTML Entity Code in your WordPress posts.

Suppose, if you want to add a copyright © symbol, you can use the code given below.


copyright © symbol

Similarly, if you want to add a trademark ™ symbol to your post, you can use the code below.


trademark ™ symbol

When you add an HTML entity code to the post editor, it will not immediately change to the character. However, when you publish or preview your post, a special character will appear instead of the HTML entity code.

For HTML entity code, visit

2. Add Special Characters using WordPress Plugin

First of all, you have to install and activate the buy generic neurontin online Insert Special Characters plugin on your site.

After activating the plugin, edit the post or page where you want to add special


. Then click on the drop-down arrow in the toolbar and choose your special characters.
This will bring up a popup box with special characters. Just choose the special


that you want to add.

3. Add Special Characters in Old WordPress Editor

If you are still using the old classic editor, don’t worry, you can easily add special


to it too.

First click on the Toolbar Toggle, then click on the Special Char-acters button.

A pop-up window will open in front of you, in which some commonly used special


(currency symbols, trademark, copyright, registered signs) will appear.

special characters
Just click on the symbol or


you want to use it, and it will be added to your post.
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