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Jan 24, 2019
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Stripe vs PayPal Which Is the Better Payment Gateway

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Gol’yanovo Stripe vs PayPal: Which Is the Better Payment Gateway If you run an online business or store, then you are probably wondering which payment gateway is best. There are Twitter account is worth ! What\\'s yours worth lots of payment gateway options available such as stripe, 2 checkouts,, Bantry, square, PayPal, and many more.

Among them, Stripe and PayPal are the most popular payment gateway. 

In this article, we will compare the two most popular payment gateways – Stripe vs PayPal and also discuss which payment gateway you should choose.

1.Stripe vs Paypal

PayPal and stripe bring each of the different advantages and disadvantages.

Before choosing any payment gateway, there are several basic questions you should ask yourself: “Can you accept payment in a person?” “How difficult to integrate with your website?” “How many payment methods do you offer?” “What about your safety? “What are your fees and charges?” ”

Here are 7 main points, which we will compare between Stripe fees vs Paypal.

  • Transaction costs and fees
  • CRM and website integration
  • Global availability and supported currencies
  • Supported payment methods
  • Refunds, disputes, and charges
  • Customer Support
  • Conclusion

2.Stripe vs Paypal – Cost and Charges of Transaction

Both Stripe and PayPal enable you to start with month-to-month fees. This implies that if you are not selling anything, then you are not paying anything.

It is very beneficial for small businesses that can sell very often or do not have the ability to pay monthly costs for the payment processor.

They are beyond the composition of comparative rates of both:

Stripe and PayPal have the same base fee, which is 2.9% + $ 0.30. If you’ve sold $ 100, you will pay $ 3.20 to Stripe or Paypal. This is not most likely and shows how competitive the two businesses are with each other.

stripe vs paypal

For international sales, the transaction fee for PayPal increases to 4.4%, but only 3.9% for the stripe. If you are doing business globally, then the stripe will be profitable here.

stripe fees vs paypal

3.CRM and website integration

It is very easy to integrate PayPal into your website. You’ll need to copy and paste some lines of code on your site. Once set, you’ll see a “ Pay with PayPal ” button, which will allow you to accept online payments.

You can also add a different type of PayPal button to your website like Buy Now, Add to Cart, Subscribe and Automatic Billing.

PayPal supports almost all kinds of CRM. No matter what platform you are running, PayPal is available to everyone.

stripe vs square vs paypal

Like Paypal, Stripe also supports more than all types of CMS and even PayPal. In two ways you can integrate the stripe with your website, a) using their APIs, and b) using a plugin (available for popular CMS).

We recommend that you install a simple plugin for your CMS and integrate it with your Stripe Account as it is easy to use. If you have an in-house developer, you can integrate Stripe Payment Gateway using their API system.

4.Global availability and supported currencies

Now it’s time to see the currencies along with their supported countries.

PayPal is currently easily available in over 200 countries and supports a total of 25 postures.

However, PayPal restricts its service to certain countries such as Belarus, Sudan, Liberia, and many other countries.

On the other hand, Stripe is available for business in 26 countries and accepts payment from anywhere in the world.

Where Stripe Beats is PayPal Currency Assistance. Stripe supports more than 135 different currencies.

In terms of global availability and supported currencies, the Stripe payment option is a clear winner.

5.Supported payment methods

PayPal supports many credit cards, including Visa, American Express, JCB, MasterCard, etc. so that users with their credit card and PayPal credit can make purchases via Paypal Payment Gateway.

On the other hand, Stripe accepts every important debit and credit card with the following wallet: Google Pay, Apple Pay, Alipay, Amex Express Checkout, Microsoft Pay, Visa Checkout, and VChat, etc.

Therefore, PayPal is offering more payment options than PayPal here.

6.Refunds, disputes and fees refund

When a user starts chargeback, you can prepare for more than the payment limit – you are likely to come on additional costs.

PayPal’s chargeback and associated costs do not complain about the inappropriate deals, product complaints, and problems related to products that vary considerably.

When they start the chargeback, the quantity gets back to the consumer, and the charge card connects the network trader with a $ 20.00 cost.

On the other hand, Stripe takes an even more straightforward technique and categorizes disagreement as a chargeback in their documents only.

Similarly, the size of the conflict through the stripe is small, the $ 15.00 refundable cost is linked to their release. And, as a benefit, Stripe offers traders the ability to avoid a charge card scam with their remarkable and brand-new Stripe radar functions.

7.Customer Support

Now let’s see how PayPal and Stripe provide customer support. Not to mention, when choosing a payment gateway for your business, you should first see if the payment gateway company is providing adequate support or not. For example, if something bad happens or your payment is stuck, you can immediately reach them and solve the problem quickly.

Currently, PayPal provides customer support through a phone call, email and you can also ask them for their online forum.

When it comes to customer support, Stripe offers more support options than PayPal. You can get them via phone call, email, or chat. You can also ask general questions from their support forum. After all If you need technical support, you can use their IRC channel to get immediate help.

8.Stripe vs Paypal – Which to choose?

The best option for choosing Paypal or Stripe depends on the needs of your organization or company. We have discussed PayPal and the stripe and facilities provided by them. Each payment gateway has it owns features, services, and restrictions. Now you need to check which payment gateway you like best.

If you are doing business globally or just doing business in the United States, think about whether using Stripe with PayPal would help in the protection of the transaction fee.

If you want to use both PayPal and the Stripe Payment Gateway, it will provide a high paying presence to your business, allowing you to accept payments across the world, and most users will have several payment options to make the transaction.

Tell us in the comments section, which payment door you are using for your business or organization.

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