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Jun 24, 2020
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5 Best Image Optimizer Plugins for WordPress

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Web Image Optimizer images take longer to load on any site than other elements. Therefore, it is important to compress its size.

In this article, I have listed 5 Best image Optimizer Plugins for WordPress website. These plugins compress your images and reduce the image size so that your website loads faster.

Why Image Optimizer WordPress Plugins are Important

To get a good rank in Google, website loading speed matters a lot and we use many ways to improve website loading speed, of which Image Optimization is also very important. Here is an Ultimate Guide – How to Increase WordPress Blog’s Loading Speed

When you upload images to your website, Image Optimizer Plugins reduce the size by compressing those images which reduce the size of the web page, and the site loads faster than before.

By the way, you can use Third-Pary App or website like Photoshop and other image editing software for image optimizer.

Best Image Optimizer WordPress Plugins

1. Image Optimizer reSmush is the best image optimizer plugin that automatically reduces the size of the uploaded image. It also provides you with a bulk operation that optimizes all your images with single clicks. Apart from this, there is also an image optimization level. reSmush also compresses your old uploaded images.

It also provides the feature to exclude any image from the compression process. With its help, you can compress JPG, PNG, and GIF files up to 5MB.

2. Smush Image Compression and Optimization

This is the most popular image can you order antabuse online optimizer plugin in When you upload images to your site, it automatically compresses the image size. With its help, you can also compress and optimize your old images.

It is available in both versions. In the free version, you do not need to create an account and an API key.

With the help of Bulk optimization, you can optimize 50 images at a time. To remove Bulk smushing limits you need to upgrade to WP Smush Pro.

3. EWWW Image Optimizer

Like WP Smush, EWWW Image Optimizer is a very popular plugin. This plugin automatically optimizes new images uploaded. It also optimizes your old images. You can also select the compression level.

It is available in both versions. You can also convert the format of your uploaded images through the EWWW Image Optimizer plugin.

4. Compress JPEG & PNG images

When you install Compress JPEG & PNG images plugin on your site, first you have to create an account on it.

You can optimize only 100 images in a month with a free account. When you upload images to your site, it automatically compresses it. For older images, you can use bulk optimize.

5. ShortPixel Image Optimizer

ShortPixel is a lightweight image optimizer plugin. But to use it you will need an API key. With a free account, it allows you to compress 100 images per month. If you want to increase the website compression limit then you will need to upgrade.

ShortPixel can compress all your old images and PDF documents with a single click.

Last thought

There are many plugins available in the WordPress repository for image optimization. Who can confuse a new blogger who is the best?

Here I have listed 5 best Image Optimizer Plugins. You can choose any plugin from this list.

Small request, if this article has proved helpful for you, then don’t forget to share it!

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