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Jun 22, 2020
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What Is CDN And Why It Is Important For Any Blog Or Website

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The loading speed of any website or blog matters a lot and almost all bloggers know it. So they use Technique in various ways to improve their site speed, one of which is CDN.

If you are hearing CDN name for the first time and want to get information about the content delivery network in Detail, then you are in the right place.

Today in this article I will tell you what is a content delivery network and why is it important for any blog or website?

Some common questions related to CDNs are often asked by site owners:

What is CDN

CDN full form Content Delivery Network is a network of multiple servers. Its data servers are at different locations that serve content to users based on their geographic location.

For example,

Suppose your hosting server is in India and when a US visitor requests a page on your website, the CDN will serve the content to that US visitor through its nearest server.

Simply put, when users visit your blog or website, they visit your website or blog through CDN Server. This reduces your server load as well as saves Bandwidth and improves website loading speed.

Why is a CDN required for your blog?

If you do not use a content delivery network on your site and when a user comes to your site, then they visit the site through your web host’s server. In such a situation, if your website traffic increases too much, your server may be overloaded and your site will slow down. Even the server may crash.

But when you use a CDN on your site, it creates a Cache version of your site (including images, CSS files, javascript, flash, etc.) on its servers and Serves content through those servers. Which is closest to the user’s locations. This reduces your server load and improves website loading speed.

Apart from this, if you pay extra for Bandwidth, it also reduces your Bandwidth expenses.

What are the benefits of using a content delivery network?

After reading the above section, you must have clearly understood what a CDN is and why it is important for any blog or website? Here are some benefits of using CDN below:

  • If you have a high traffic site, you can prevent it from going into downtime and slowing down to a great extent by using CDN on your site.
  • This improves the loading speed of your site. And we all know that Google uses website loading speed as a ranking factor. So your site will load fast, then Google will get a good rank in search results.
  • This reduces your Webhosting server load and prevents your site from being Crash. It serves content to servers located worldwide rather than serve content to the origin server by visitors which is closest to the visitor’s location.
  • If you pay separately for bandwidth, you can reduce the cost of bandwidth by using CDN.

Do I need Hosting if I use CDN?

There are many new bloggers who often ask this question – “Do I still need to buy web hosting when I have a CDN?”

The answer will be – buy Pregabalin er online yes

The CDN creates a Cache version (images, CSS stylesheets, and JavaScript files) of your site and stores it on its servers. But you still need the main server to host the rest of your site.

The CDN is designed to increase site performance.

Which CDN to use for my blog or website?

There are many CDN services available in the market including Novyy Buh MaxCDN, can you buy gabapentin online KeyCDN, Cloudflare is very popular and some hosting companies also come with built-in CDN.

Currently, I use Cloudflare CDN (available in Free and Premium version) on my website. It also offers you a free SSL certificate for a lifetime.

If you have not yet installed an SSL certificate on your site due to a low budget, you can install an SSL certificate on your site for a lifetime with Cloudflare’s free plan. You can read this guide – How to setup Cloudflare Flexible SSL in WordPress site

You can use any of MaxCDN, KeyCDN, Cloudflare, etc. on your site.

Final Thoughts

CDNs play an important role in making a site run fast and smooth.

If visitors come from all over the world to your site, then you should use CDN on your site. This prevents your site from crashing, reduces server load, helps the site load faster, and more.

If your budget is very low but you want to use a content delivery network, then you can use Cloudflare’s free plan.

If this article has proved helpful for you, then don’t forget to share it!

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