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Dec 3, 2018
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What Is the Meaning of Flat Rate Shipping

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Flat rate shipping in WooCommerce is a free shipping method that allows you to define a standard rate per -order

What Is the Meaning of Flat Rate Shipping in WooCommerce is a free shipping method that allows you to define a standard rate per -order or standard rate per -order.

Xinzhi Flat rate shipping product works with shipping classes, adds more power and flexibility.

Setup and Configuration

To use this method, it should add to the shipping zone.

1 / : WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping is .

2 / Shipping zone and click the Add shipping method icon. A modal window will appear.

3 / From the dropdown Flat rate.

4 / Click the Add shipping method.

5 / Flat rate in the row that you want to define. If you wish, there may be different (and many) flat rates in each shipping zone.

It takes you to a different screen.
flat rate shipping

6 / Enter title displayed to customers in checkout.

7 / Select tax status – Determine whether the tax is applicable to the shipping amount.

8 / Enter the cost – This applies to the whole carriage. Add additional cost per item in this area. See Advanced Cost below. In addition to the shipping classes, the cost is added, apart from this, it can be left blank to disable the flat rate. Note that whatever you enter here may be the factor of the overall cost in the shipping classes section (see below), unless you leave it empty.

9 / Save Changes.

Advanced cost

The Cost field allows you to take a flat rate, a percentage-based cost, or a minimum fee per item.

Available placeholders:

  • [volume] – Number of products in the cart
  • [Fee] – An additional charge: This fee has two alternative arguments.
  • [Percent] – Percent based on total order cost.
  • [min_fee]– A minimum amount. Useful when using percent


    • 10 + (2 * [qty]) – $ 10 plus $ 2 base shipping cost for each item in the cart.
    • 20 + [fee percentage = “10” min_fee = “4”] – The total amount of $ 20 plus base shipping cost, which is less than $ 4.

Shipping Classes flat rate

If you have shipping classes, the interface adds some more fields to the shipping classes dashboard:

flat rate

  • There is a cost area for each shipping class.
  • No shipping class costs – If you use the per-square option below, then this is not useful. Otherwise, use the Cost field
  • Count Type – Two options:
    • per order – The cart is the most expensive option, depending on the shipping cost.
    • Per Square – Charge shipping for each shipping class in WooCommerce

Use case: How to set free shipping for some products and a flat rate for the rest

If you want to offer free shipping on some of your products, but take a flat rate for others, then the best way to set it up is to use shipping classes. In this case of use, we have established 3 shipping classes: Free Shipping, Regular Shipping, and Quick Shipping.

Once we have all the products added to their respective shipping classes, we can use the following settings to allow the products not to charge for shipping in the free shipping category, while doing all other products.

flat rate

By determining the cost of free shipping class to use 0 * [quantity], no matter how many products are added to the cart from that category, do not increase the shipping cost Will be, However, the starting shipping class will cost $ 20 per product from that category (because we are using 20 * [quantity] ), while the regular shipping product and product shipping class is $ 10 per The product will not be ship (as we are using 10 * [qty] from all those options).

This means that if you have one of our three shipping classes, then the total flat rate will be $ 30 ($ 20 for the quick shipping product, $ 10 for the regular shipping product, and $ 0 for the free shipping product).

Please Note: For this purpose described above, it is important to set the Count Type “Per Charges: Personally Shipping Charges for Each Shipping Class” and that the Cost field is left empty.

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