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Dec 4, 2018
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WooCommerce Dashboard Widgets in WordPress

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WordPress Dashboard is usually the first thing to log in to a WordPress site.

buy priligy in south africa WooCommerce Dashboard Widgets in WordPress  Dashboard is usually the first thing to log in to a buy stromectol in uk WordPress site. After activation, WooCommerce will give you two dashboard widgets, which will give you an easy way to get an overview of your store, and if you have a multi-site that has many stores.

To customize the displayed widgets, or to adjust the number of widget columns, click “Screen Options” in the top right corner of the screen. The options displayed here depend on which plugins you have installed, which page you are on, and even what hosting company you are using. For example, two single-site default widgets appear like this:

WooCommerce status

WooCommerce Status Widget gives you a quick overview of your store on the website. It starts with the sales volume for the current month, then it will list its top-selling product. Finally, you have a grid of your order and stock position.

If you have an order on a processing order or hold, it will alert you. This is similar to a product that is running low on stock or which is completely out of stock.

woo-commerce widgets in wordpress

WooCommerce Recent Reviews

This widget is quite self-explanatory showing the most recent reviews of your store.

It first tries to show the critics of the reviewer if they have one, then it will be linked to the product that was reviewed and tells you the name of the reviewer and shows a small piece of review.

Finally, the five-star rating is shown to the right of each person’s review.

widgets in wordpress

Multi-site order widgets in WordPress

Getting Started with WooCommerce 3.4 is now a widget that appears below the dashboard that shows information from the order from all the sites in your network. You can click on an order to go to order details on that site.

widgets in wordpress

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