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Dec 3, 2018
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Product Shipping Classes in WooCommerce

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Shipping classes can be used for same type of group products and used by some shipping methods

buy Lyrica online india Product Shipping Classes in WooCommerce can be used for the  buy stromectol pills same type of group products and used by some shipping methods, such as flat rate shipping, to provide different rates for different sections of the product.

For example, it is possible to make the cost of different flat rates for different types of products, such as heavy items and small items, with shipping classes and flat rate shipping.

Add Woocommerce Shipping

1. Go to: misguidedly WooCommerce and Settings Shipping and G.T. Shipping Classes

The screen lists current orbits.

2. Click the Add shipping class button below the table. A new row appears.

woocommerce shipping classes

3. Enter the shipping class name and description. Slug (unique identifier) ?? can be empty and auto-generated, or you can enter one.

4. Save shipping classes.

Edit and delete shipping classes

To edit or remove a shipping class:

1. Hover over The name of the shipping class. Options appear.

2. Click on Edit to modify the name, slug, or details. Or click Remove to remove the shipping class.

woocommerce shipping classes

3. Save shipping classes.

Specify Woocommerce Shipping for products

To apply these rates to a specific class of products (such as heavy or heavy items), you need to assign them.

1. WooCommerce and Products.

2.  Select the product and click for Edit.

3. Go to Shipping and Shipping Class from the Select dropdown.

 shipping classes

Each product can have a shipping class.

4. Update Products to Save Changes.


To bulk-edit shipping classes:

1. WooCommerce and Products.

2.  Select the products that you want to edit by ticking on the left side boxes.

woocommerce shipping

3.  Select from the Bulk Action dropdown, then Apply. A new screen appears.

4. Then Select the woocommerce shipping classes from the dropdown.

woocommerce shipping classes

5. Update changes.

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