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Jun 14, 2020
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How to backup a WordPress website with the Updraftplus plugin

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buy Pregabalin online eu Do you want a complete backup of your WordPress site? (WordPress Backup Plugin)Backup is the most important task for any website. If you do not back up your WordPress site and there is a problem with your blog, you will not be able to restore your blog or website and your efforts will be wasted.

If you do not want to waste your hard work, then do a full backup of your WordPress site. Here I will tell you how to complete the backup of the WordPress site.

However, there are many ways to backup a WordPress site. You can create a complete backup of your site using a good WordPress backup plugin from the WordPress repository.

In addition, you can take a full backup of your site through cPanel of your web hosting. But here I will use the WordPress plugin.

Why Backup of a WordPress Site or Blog is Important

Backup is very important for any new and old blog. The reason is that there may be an issue with your blog at any time and in such a case, the backup can only save your blog.

Gūjar Khān Assume,

  • Your hosting company may be down.
  • Your hosting company suspends your blog due to high memory usage.
  • Any hacker can hack your blog.
  • For some reason, your WordPress database got corrupted.
  • Blog breaks during coding.

In case of this type of problem, you can easily restore your blog. In simple words, if there is a problem with your blog, then you can easily restore your blog by backup file.

However, I do not want such a problem to happen to you, but if you are a blogger then any kind of problem can arise in front of you. Therefore, you should keep taking a complete backup of your WordPress site on time.

So let’s get started, how to back up a WordPress site….

How to Complete Backup of WordPress Site

First, go to the WordPress repository and install and activate the UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup plugin on your site. If you do not know how to install the plugin, you can visit this tutorial to install and activate the WordPress plugin on your site.

After installing the plugin, click Settings >> UpdraftPlus Backup >> Settings. This will take you to the Settings page of Up draftPlus.

Wordpress Backup Plugin

This plugin also allows you to manually backup your blog.

Now go to the Current Status tab and click on the Backup Now button.

Wordpress Backup Plugin

This backup plugin will bring you a new page. Here you can choose file data to back up your site.

Wordpress Backup Plugin

Now your Backup process will begin. After the backup process is complete, you can download it to your computer as well.

With this backup file, you can restore your blog at any time. This method is very simple but not completely safe. Suppose your computer is damaged, then your Backup file will also be lost.

This is why the backup file of your site should be kept in remote storage. With this, you can restore your WordPress blog from anywhere.

How to Send Backup Data to Remote Storage

Google Drive is best for remote storage. Additionally, you can also use Dropbox, but Dropbox has a very low storage limit.

First, go to Settings >> UpdraftPlus Backup >> Settings and click on Google Drive.


Now scroll down and click on Authenticate with Google.


In the next step, sign in to your Gmail account in which you want to backup your WordPress site. Now, UpdraftPlus will access your Google account, now you can click on the Allow button.


Then a new page will open in front of you. Click on the complete setup here.

Complete setup

Authenticate is done with Google Drive UpdraftPlus. Now when you back up your WordPress site, you can send your backup file to remote storage with one click.

send backup

How to Restore WordPress Backup Files with UpdraftPlus Plugin
First, click Settings >> UpdraftPlus Backup >> Existing Backup and click on Refresh button. Then click on the Restore button.

A new popup box will open in front of you. Here you can choose the file according to your needs to restore the backups file.

Now, the restore process will begin on your site. You can comment on any type of question related to this article.

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