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Nov 27, 2018
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How To Widget Management In WordPress

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We will study about widget management. Widgets are small blocks that do specific functions. These given design

We will study the WordPress widget. Widgets are small blocks that do specific functions. Also, these given design and structure control to the WordPress theme. There are some specific features of a widget –

  • Also, help you add content and features.
  • Easily dragged and dropped into the widget area.
  • They differ in the subject of the topic. They are not the same for every topic.

Step (1) − Click on the Appearance → Widgets.

Step (2) − The screenshot showing available widgets appear.

wordpress widget

contra The following words appear on the page WordPress widget –
  • Available Widgets − Also you can use them to add to your sidebar main.
  • Inactive Sidebar (not used) − they are not used and widgets can be permanently deleted from the list.
  • Inactive Widgets − Removes widgets from the sidebar but keeps them in the settings.
  • Sidebar Main − Any widget you add here will appear on your site.
  • Manage in Customizer − takes you back to the optimization page.

wordpress widget

Step (3) − Finally Drag and drop into the sidebar menu. Also, any widget that you add here shows on your site.

wordpress widget

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