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Jun 14, 2020
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How to add your WordPress site to Yandex Webmaster Tools

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Ağdam What is Yandex Webmaster Tools Like Google and Bing, Yandex is also a very popular Russian search engine. You can get a lot of traffic from Russia by optimizing your site well in Yandex.

Yandex provides us with search engines, image search, email, videos, maps, etc. tools. Yandex also provides webmaster tools to optimize the website, which helps to locate the site ranking, traffic, search queries, keywords etc.

You can submit and verify your site in Yandex webmaster tools with the help of Yoast SEO plugin, as you do for Google search console and Bing tools.

Add WordPress website in Yandex Webmaster Tools

To connect your site to Yandex, first, you need to sign up in Yandex.

1. Log in to your account after signing up for Yandex. Here you will see the Yandex Webmaster page. On this page you have to click on the “+” button.

yandex webmaster tools

3. In the next page, you will be asked to verify website ownership. You will see 4 methods (Meta tag, HTML file, DNS records, WHOIS) to verify website ownership.

Here I will verify website ownership using meta tag and recommend you also because it is the easiest and fast way.

Copy the meta tag and save it in notepad. You will need it in the next.

yandex webmaster tools

4. If you use the Yoast SEO plugin on your site, all you have to do is go to the Webmaster tools (SEO >> General >> Webmaster Tools) section of Yoast SEO and paste the HTML tag.

yandex webmaster tools

5. After pasting the Yandex meta tag, click on the Save Changes button.

Are you bad You have successfully submitted and verified your site in the Yandex webmaster tool? Now you can go to the traffic pages, search errors, search queries, internal and external links, site information, robots.txt analysis, audit pages for mobile in Yandex Webmaster tools.

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